Is it good though?

Once I published my book I began to panic. Chase, my inner critic, came back with vengeance. My family and friends were buying my book, but aside from working with editors, I hadn’t gotten any feedback. I was terrified by the possibility that I had released a really bad book into the world and thereContinue reading “Is it good though?”

5 Great Books for Writers who want to be Authors

I have spent most of this week on social media witnessing people’s stories. To me it is a great honor to listen to someone else’s experience. It makes me feel grounded in one of the basic needs of humanity: to be connected. More than that, it helps me learn how to be a better friend,Continue reading “5 Great Books for Writers who want to be Authors”

Introducing Chase my Inner-Critic

I watched a TikTok* recently where the artist said their therapist recommended naming their anxiety. Supposedly, giving it a personality would make it easier to combat. I liked the video and moved onto the next video, as is the way of TikTok. That was the last I thought about it until this week when IContinue reading “Introducing Chase my Inner-Critic”