Gretchen Kirkpatrick

Writer and Content Developer

Gretchen Kirkpatrick is the author of Boardroom M and is currently editing its sequel as part of the Agents & Assets series. She has always had a love for spy novels that featured James Bond, George Smiley, and Jason Bourne; but couldn’t quite picture herself in them, so she wrote her own.

When she isn’t busy crafting literature that falls in the space where reality meets imagination she creates content that makes information accessible. Gretchen has been a high school English teacher, a website developer, and has created content for various tech organizations. 

Gretchen Kirkpatrick has a B.A. in Human Communications from Southern Oregon University, M.Ed in Education from Walden University, and certificates in web design and bartending. When she isn’t working in beautiful Southern Oregon, you can find her chasing down adventure via travel, hiking, talking to strangers in lines, and picking up the skills of a spy (riding motorcycles, picking locks, that sort of thing).

What I do
  • Novelist
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Developer
  • Adventurer